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Top tips for your Cambodian holiday | Sovanna Cambodian River Cruises

Top Tips for your Cambodian Holiday


Read on to discover some top tips for your Cambodian holiday to keep you smiling. Enjoy your holiday

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Tonle Sap River & Lake | Cambodian River Cruises on Sovanna

The Tonle Sap River & Lake


The Tonle Sap river is one of only three rivers in the world that experience a flow reversal on a tidal cycle when the mighty Mekong river floods in the monsoon period

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The Rainy Season in Cambodia | Sovanna River Cruises

The Rainy Season. And why it is still ok to visit Cambodia


Rain showers are short and gentle and last a short 30 minutes, nourishing the verdant landscapes. The paddy fields are lush, and this is the Green Season. The banks of the Mekong and Tonle Sap metamorphose into high walls of vibrant greenery. Treetops line the vistas. It’s the rainy season.

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