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Sovanna has a maximum guest capacity of 4 passengers.

Sovanna | Luxury Cambodian River Cruises

A new level in Cambodian river cruises


You may have a trip to Cambodia on your bucket list.

You may have already booked one. This site could be the first dip of your toes in the South East Asian waters. Launched in May, Sovanna, meaning Golden Dream in Khmer, is ready. We call it Your New Luxury Floating Private Residence. Because that’s precisely what it is. The newest addition to the Cambodian waterways and river cruises is prepared to go.

And it’s all about catering to cruises along the Cambodian rivers for people who don’t want to be surrounded by lots of others. Only you know what you want from your holiday. Journey from Phnomh Penh to Kampong Chhnang and complete the last leg to Seam Reap, home of Angkor Wat, by our arranged transport.

It’s a unique way to experience rural Cambodia, witnessing first-hand how the Mekong and Tonle Sap are interwoven into the very existence of Cambodians.

Like all great rivers and waterways, they are a life-giving source for millions. Fisherman fish the waters, and farmers irrigate their paddy fields and fish farms. Sovanna cruises part way along the Mekong and the Tonle Sap rivers. The beating heart of Cambodia. No potholes, no fumes, no honking horns. You can decide how long you want to spend at the places Sovanna stops during the cruise.

Bringing stylish décor and warm, personalised service together with the cultural experience of Cambodian river cruises life, Sovanna brings a touch of high-end tourism to an up and coming destination in Indochina.

Intrepid travellers are looking for new adventures. Sovanna is dressed in neutral, natural polished wood and is intimate yet spacious. Modern yet traditional.

Cambodian River cruises have reached a new level.

Comfortable rattan cushioned sofas to relax on, a bar to sit at, Jacuzzi to wallow in, loungers to sunbathe on. Complimentary Wifi on board. A menu that is a Blend of Asian and Western fusion. It’s like taking your favourite little city boutique hotel with you and setting sail. This is not about getting from A to B in the shortest possible time. It’s a mini expedition.

See our rooms… See our Youtube Channel

You can visit floating villages and see stilted houses. Watch silk being spun and silver being crafted. Immerse yourself in local rural life. See some isolated communities that have not been touched by the hand of modernity. Sit and watch white oxen by the river banks and traditional potters among the palm plantations and taste palm nectar. Our experienced crew will guide you.

And then, when you’ve seen what you wanted to see and do what you wanted to do, wondered at the wats and pagodas, come back on board for an intimate dinner. Local ingredients sourced from the markets- pepper from Kampot, catfish from the river wrapped in leaves, papaya and coconut, all create a colourful explosion of taste and flavour. Then head to the upper or lower deck to chill and settle into the sounds of the daily catch being brought in and the evening throwing on a velvety blanket of silence… Then as the colour fades from the skies, and inky darkness falls, let the gentle breezes of the Tonle Sap lull you.

It’s living the local life. In Luxury.

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